Smoking Permitted
For those that smoke, it is usually clear when a loaction does not allow smoking. Many smokers tend to find certain areas to socialize and light up a cigarette. Unlike non-smoking areas, these places are not clearly identified. The “No Smoking” icon has been redesigned to provide a much clearer notification of when smoking is not allowed in an area. Conversely, a “Smoking Permitted” symbol and sign was also designed for the purpose of notifying smokers where it may be acceptable to smoke or for non-smokers to avoid.
These 6x8-inch signs can be placed on any window or door for clear notification of incoming guests.

Stand-alone icons can be used to reestablish whether smoking is permitted or not. The icons can also be used as reminders that smoking is not allowed, or, conversely, as a designation that the location is “smoke-friendly.”

The signs can be used in coordination with red and green strips to better define smoker-friendly locations, as well as distance requirements for smokers.
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